Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Perfect Lamb

One thing I really love doing is taking photographs.  I especially love nature photography with all the amazing colors and textures.  Taking photographs of animals is really fun, but usually the photos don't get snapped in time before slight movement or even dramatic disappearances!  On a recent family vacation, we were ascending a mountain to visit some good friends in Idaho.  On the way up, we saw a herd of sheep which contained a lot of lambs.  Most of the lambs had blemishes or odd shaped heads ... except one.  It just looked perfect.  His coat was flawless and his is face was sweet.  I just couldn't get over the cuteness of this lamb and was surprised he continued to stay nearby as I fished out my Canon DSLR camera.  He watched me intently as I decided the perfect #VantagePoint from which to get the best shot.

A camera that could produce high quality photographs, but could fit in your pocket or purse, would be so handy in catching nature in the moment.  I recently heard about a new camera called the L16 by Light.co.  This camera is about the size of a cell phone and takes 16 different pictures from 16 different sensors and blends them together to produce a high quality DSLR-like image.  I think it will be interesting to hear how this new camera performs.

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