Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Fall Trip to Florida

Swinging Competition
October has just flown by for me.  We took a trip to Florida for a preacher's conference in Pensacola. Any time you have kids with you on a road trip, it turns out to be a LOONNNNNGGGG trip!  You know they each have to go to the bathroom ... at different times!  And then you have the random statements coming from the back seats of the Tahoe:  "Mom, I'm thirsty."  "Mom, I'm hungry."  "Mom, can we stop and buy a toy?"  "Mom, I wanna go to a park."  And every statement leads to another statement ... from another boy.  It's a crazy life!

So we found a park along the way, and let everyone get out and run around for a while.  It helps a lot!  We found a beautiful little neighborhood park in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

All the fun came to an end, though, when Mom pulled out the camera and got the bright idea to take this opportunity to have a Christmas Card Photo Shoot!  The smiles which so easily adorned their faces, were wiped away and replaced with horrible fake smiles through gritted teeth.  But I was able to get a few good pictures despite the struggles!  

In Mobile, Alabama, we stopped and saw the USS Alabama, along with lots of military vehicles and airplanes.  The boys loved this stop ... obviously.

After the conference was over, we drove down to the Orlando area to visit some good friends who used to attend our church, but moved to Florida several years ago.

The boys had so much fun!  They live on a small private lake and took the boys out on the wave runners and the boat.  Alligators live in the lake, so you have to be careful to scare them away with the motors.   The only bad thing about the visit was that it was so short!

 While they were all out on the wave runners and the boat, I was able to sit in "The Hammock", an amazing screened in little house, complete with living are, dining area and kitchen.  It was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a while.  I enjoyed all the wonderful sounds and smells and the air was cool.  Heavenly day!

Sadly, we had to leave and head out for the 2 day trip back home.   Along the way, we spotted this airplane practicing stunts for an airshow and she stopped to watch him.  The boys loved it.

 The trip was a great time - heard some good preaching at the conference, had some fun with our boys and I got to spend a little time with my husband too.  That's a good trip!

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