Friday, March 25, 2016

No More Babies ... What Will You Miss?

Josiah - Age 4
I just realized that our youngest child is about to turn 5 years old next month.  That can only mean one thing ... no more "babies" in our house!  When kids are under 5, you can safely say, "he's the baby" or "that's my baby", but no more!  He's turning 5 and that means he's a big boy!

There are good things that come along with having no more babies, and there are things I'll certainly miss.  But change is good ... it is a sure sign of life.

I won't miss diapers and potty training!  I thought that stage would never end.  I won't miss washing baby bottles and the hundred thousand pieces that go in them because I used Dr. Brown's.  I won't miss teething babies and the sleepless nights that go along with all that.

Joshua at 6 months
I will, however, miss lots of other things ... like that first baby smile.  I remember back when Josh (our first baby, but third son) was about six weeks old, we went on a long road trip to Colorado.  On the trip home, we pulled over for a quick stop and I took him out of his car seat for a little bit and was using a baby wipe to wash his hands and face.  He was on my lap and when I brushed his cheek with the wipe, in a circular motion, he smiled the biggest baby smile - his first - I'd ever seen! I'll miss baby smiles.

I'm really gonna miss bath time in the kitchen sink.  I have a big farmhouse style apron front sink and it's like a small bathtub.  I've bathed the kids in that sink many times.  I'll miss that.

I'm sure I'll miss playing "PeePie" with the babies! Why is it that they laughed so much when I'd do that?  Do they honestly believe you actually disappear behind your hands?  All I know is, it's a big hit with babies and I'm gonna miss that.

There's just something about the innocence of a baby.  They completely trust you to take care of their every need.  Babies can make you smile, even when you're feeling down, and their joyful giggles are very contagious!

Take advantage of every moment you have with a baby.  The time goes by so quickly and the only thing you'll have of that time is memories.

What will you miss most?

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